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Your One Stop Temporary Traffic Managment Shop!!!

road closed sign

Temporary Traffic Management

Whether it’s a simple shoulder closure or an extensive road closure, we offer a wide range of TTM services. HTS is your one stop shop where nothing is too big or small. Let us take care of your needs today, so you can look forward to tomorrow.

man with white truck

Event Traffic Management

Our professional Traffic Management Team is here to assist in making your next event a successful one. Health and safety is the key to any event, our staff can be on hand to assist in road traffic safety and road closures, we even have safety staff to cater for walking track events.

orange road cone

With a wide range of specialist road safety equipment from VMS Boards to the ever-popular orange road cones, we have you covered. Our rates are second to none, we offer delivery to site specific areas. Our team is well versed in the setting up of our equipment and we have a technician available around the clock should the need arise.



A machine that has many uses and functions, such as clearing drainpipes, digging holes and much more. All with the added benefit of swift, quick and easy service. Also, you don't have to worry about damaging sensitive underground services with this piece of equipment.

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